13 “Goals” for 2013

I was going to write entire diatribe on how saying you have a set of New Year’s “goals” is more realistic than saying that you have a set of “resolutions”. But quite honestly, dictionary.com didn’t really help me with the definitions on those two words, so I’ll spare you the etymology lecture.

Nonetheless, I am proclaiming that I have “goals” rather than resolutions. And I’m being kitschy and listing 13 for 2013.

Unlisted goal #14: Be more original this year.


1. Write more.

That’s about all I got to say about that.


2. Be more encouraging to friends by sending notes and cards.

I made a resolution, um “goal”, last year to send one card or note each week, via the U.S. Postal Service using real stamps I bought at a store, to a friend or family member.

And I totally kept that goal up.

Until, like, March 1st.

It felt so good knowing that I was sending encouragement to people, and reminding them that I was still alive and praying for them. And who doesn’t love getting “fun” mail? An unexpected note for no reason? Totally makes my…life.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said,

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

How’s THAT for prompting you to remember to send your friends well wishes?

Also, I heard the USPS could possibly go bankrupt, so let’s all buy stamps and throw something fun in the mail for a friend.

Revive the art of the chain letter if you have to, but SAVE THE MAILMAN…OR MAILWOMAN.


3. Commit to showing each of my children love through their “love languages”.

If you haven’t read The Five Love Languages, you should. And if you’re a parent you should read The Five Love Languages of Children.

And…um…confession…that’s #4 on my “goals” list.


4. See #3


5. Read more books in general.

Last year, I committed to one book a month. And I know that seems like a very small amount for all you avid readers out there, but I only recently found myself at a place in life where I actually had more than two minutes to read something. If it was not The Cat in the Hat or Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, it probably wasn’t going to be found on my nightstand.

I actually ended up exceeding my goal of more than one book a month, so maybe I’ll up the ante to two a month.

I should get cracking though, because there are currently five books on my nightstand that I haven’t touched yet. And the library is getting antsy about wanting their books back, I think. Dern email reminders.


6. Paint my nails.

I have so many colors of nail polish in my bathroom cabinet. I love buying new nail polish and lipsticks. It’s like you can try out something new without it being ridiculously spendy and without long term commitment.

And the colors are pretty. And sometimes I look at them just to make me happy.

But, I typically only paint my toes because I’m a mom with three small kids and I don’t have the time or patience to wait for 13 coats of the cheap polish I buy to dry on my hands before someone needs me to pull gum out of their hair or something.

Then I end up with smudged and dented and not the “cool kind” of textured nails.

But I painted my fingernails today. And I love it. I feel fancy.

It may not happen regularly, but I resolve, errrrhm, “make it my goal” to at least open up the nail polish bottles more frequently.


7. Be more encouraging to my husband.

I love my Stevi. He is a sensitive soul. An artist to the core.

It’s been a hard year. A lot of it sucked.

And ladies, your man needs YOU by his side…through good, through bad. You know, all that “for better, for worse” stuff we committed to? Yeah, THAT.

We both like words and art. I should use it more to make his load a little lighter everyday.


8. Create something. Once a week.

Okay, maybe once every two weeks. That sounds more reasonable.

To go from “Hey that’s a cool idea!” to four brand new projects/recipes/works of sheer poetry a month seems a little…lofty.

So…twice a month…something new should spew forth from my creative (or less than) side.


9. Plan meals and daily chores and weekly schedules better.

Self explanatory. Other than to say, I’ve made about 1,002 chore charts since becoming a homemaker. They all last…about a week.


10. Do not wait till the last day to turn in field trip permission forms or cans of frosting requested for projects or shove any more papers in that stupid basket on top of my microwave that I say I’ll sort through twice a week and never do.

My children’s teachers will be happy.

And so will my husband and I. No more late night or early morning runs for cash or Gogurt tubes for preschool parties.


11. Lose 25 pounds.

I know that’s not so original. But here’s my story…it’s kind of original.

In the fall of 2011, I lost about 25 pounds. I had to buy smaller size jeans. It was a glorious feeling. I danced in the dressing room when I buttoned that first smaller pair.

Then this past summer, my hubs and I went on a cruise for our ten year anniversary. A cruise is 24 hours of all you can eat goodness.

And I think i jacked up my metabolism. Within two months, I had gained back every pound I lost.

Then Christmas arrived, and just for good measure, I gained a couple more.

So…after falling off the weight loss wagon, it’s time to climb back on and bust my tail.

Because winter doesn’t last long here in Charleston, and I can’t afford another entire wardrobe overhaul.


12. Slow down.

I always feel like I’m on hyper lightning speed all the time. And it stresses me to no end.

I literally get all sweaty and befuddled. (I realize that I probably need to take more vitamins or fish oil or something to combat that whole “sweaty” issue. OR maybe I’m just getting old. I am 37 and all…)

Anyway, slow down and don’t rush.

Except to get the kids out the door to school.

Because we don’t need…


13. No more tardies!

I know that was poor grammar. I’ll probably cringe when I go back and read this.

The kids’ schools will love me and maybe we’ll get our names removed from the “naughty tardy list” that we seem to make it on every year by this time.


So…that’s my list. And I realize the last two KINDA contradict each other but…that’s my life sometimes.

I’ll never figure out the balance to perfection.

But I figure, that’s what keeps me normal.

Because normal isn’t perfect. And perfect isn’t normal.





  1. says

    #1 — Um, yay! I mean, it was my Christmas wish and all, but YAY!

    #6 — Seche Vite. I think you can even get it at WalMart now. Or I know Target has it. Dries your nails in 10 minutes with an awesome hard top coat. It changed my life in 1997 and I haven’t looked back.

    I could comment on all of them, but I want you to read real stuff and not my gibberish. Welcome back to the blogosphere friend. I still get first dibs on traveling with you when you write your best seller and go on the speaking circuit.