A Day in the Life…

7:30–Alarm goes off. Stephen promptly announces, “3 1/2 hours till the party.”

We hosted a baby shower today, and I spent much of the night tossing and turning worrying about what I might have forgotten.

8:00–Baby wakes. Talks to herself for awhile. I continue getting ready.

8:30–Baby insistent that she must be fed NOW.

8:35–Change incredibly stinky baby, feed baby breakfast. Three year old awakens in a good mood. Yay! For now….must feed her to keep her that way. (She has low blood sugar issues, and when she hasn’t eaten she goes into what we commonly refer to in this house as “melt-down mode” or “melt-age”.)

The hour between 8:35 and 9:35 is a complete blur. Kenni must be fed to avert disaster, but the English muffin I prepare gets ignored. I can’t give her any vitamins because the darn things have melted to the bottom of the container (their gummies, but I still have no idea how that happened). She also needs to change her pull-up and get dressed (I might as well be asking her to rewrite the Constitution at this point), and Caia needs another diaper…again!

9:35–People begin arriving at my house for prep. Courtney brings all her goods and drops them off because she and I passed the stomach virus around to all of our children and one of hers is still at home over a trashcan, and she’s not so sure that she isn’t a carrier of aforementioned nastiness…

Phone is ringing because no one can find my house that happens to be located in the boonies. I’m STILL trying to get Kenni dressed, and Caia’s crawling around grabbing everyone’s pants legs, which is her way of saying…Please, someone! Pick me up!!

11:00–Shower begins…it turned out well. And our guest of honor got lots of good baby loot! But more than that, I hoped she felt as loved and as special as she truly is!!! She and her husband have been such great friends to our family (and many others!) and now it’s our turn to return the favor!!!

2:00–after a hurried clean-up, which really wasn’t all that bad, Stephen calls. “Wanna meet us to go see the Horton movie?” Sure! Sounds fun! The only catch is I have to go get the tickets and then he will meet up with me with the girls.

2:55–Movie begins.

3:10–We actually get seats in the movie, but not before Dad gets a bucket of popcorn, and I change incredibly stinky baby…AGAIN!! :)

Movie goes well….no meltdowns from baby or toddler. We’re good.

Except for the fact that the tornado sirens are going off, and all the stores in the mall are shutting down….with the exception of the movie theater! I’m not sure what is up with that, but someone’s getting an email from me about the lack of concern for the safety of their patrons! If the other stores can evacuate, why can’t the movie theater do the same and refund us our bucks? Too afraid of how much money they’ll lose?

Okay…rant over….

5:00–Stephen has to go to JoAnn’s to pick up fabric for something for church tomorrow. (He told me what it was for, but I don’t remember.) I decide to go with him with the girls to see if they can hold out with out “melt-age” so that we can all go to dinner together.

All seems to be going well while we are in JoAnn’s. Baby is gnawing on the shopping cart…fine, albeit gross. Stephen is getting his fabric….fine. Kenni is walking along behind me, happily chatting…fine.

We pick out some fun crafts for her to make…will cost me all of $1.00 and she’ll have fun with it. Good times.

Until she decides to disobey me and pitch an incredibly huge fit in the middle of the very quiet store. I would like to say I’m over being embarrassed by these things by now. But the truth is, I’m not. (But hey…the first step is admitting you have a problem.)

Daddy removes Kenni from store, and Caia and I are left alone to look at…fabric. (I don’t sew, so at this point I’m not having any fun.)

Kenni and Daddy come back in, and I am given the obligatory apology. She is told that she can no longer have crafts because she disobeyed. Waterworks begin again.

We quickly proceed to checkout where Stephen has what I find to be a less than pleasant experience with the cashier (does anyone know the meaning of customer service anymore?!?!), but he seems undaunted, so I say nothing….for now. :)

6:00–We proceed to Taco Mac for dinner. At this point, Kenni’s blood sugar has dropped to ridiculous levels, and I’m about to go nuts. We are seated at a booth, and I tell her it’s time to go change her pull-up. (Have I mentioned she’s not potty-trained? Grrrr….story for another day.) She throws a fit (another one? seriously?) on the way to the bathroom, and goes “boneless” so that it appears that I am dragging her to restroom. (You parents know what I’m talking about.) We get some nice stares. I feel like saying things that I know I shouldn’t.

Restroom has no changing table. Double grrr! So I have to change her on the counter. Oh well…at this point, I don’t even care.

Dinner is a fun time with her hanging all over me, Caia getting mad because she wants to eat the table food but has no teeth to do so (I try giving her little mushy pieces anyway, only to have her gag them back up at me), and several near misses with drink spillage.

7:00 We’re on our way home. Well, the girls and I are on our way home. Stephen has to go back to the church to hang some fabric. (Again, I forget for what exactly…)

I proceed to immediately put the girls in the bath.

Ahhh, good. Now I can check my emails, I think…and I take my laptop to the bathroom. The bath is going well. No one’s crying or splashing me or pouring ridiculous amounts of water over the side onto the floor.

This lasts about…..oh, I’d say….five minutes.

“Uh oh.” My three year old is standing up and looking down.

Great. She pooped in the tub.

So, out everyone comes. And the crying begins, because she doesn’t want to get out. (Caia’s just happy to do whatever gets her in the bed at this point, so at least she’s pretty obliging.)

8:00 Caia now having meltdown. MUST-GO-TO-BED-NOW!!!! I’m pretty sure that’s what she was trying to communicate to me. Kenni (lucky girl!) gets to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (thank you, DVR!) while I get Caia down for the night.

Caia goes down easily and is asleep within minutes of me walking into her room to start the “bedtime process”.

Kenni finishes watching the show, goes to brush teeth, and picks out her stories for me to read.

She hands me one. “Read Pam and Ham.” “Uhhh…it says Hap and Cap.”

I should know better than to question her memory skills. Sure enough, the book was about Pam giving ham to Hap and Cap. (Yes, it was a phonics reader and yes, I used to be a teacher, and yes, now Kenni has all my books that used to belong in my classroom.)

With everyone in bed, I proceed to mop the floor, bleach down the toys in the bathtub that have been swimming with poo, and start the bottles soaking in the sink.

Whew! I’m exhausted!

But, I love my life! And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!!