About More Lucy Than June

As I child, I watched re-runs of the old 50’s sitcoms I Love Lucy and Leave It To Beaver. I pored over my mother’s issues of Ladies Home Journal that came to our mailbox every month. And I simply couldn’t wait to become a wife and mother. Surely, I would have a home where the laundry never mounted on the couch and breakfast was always on the table before Dad left for work.

Fast forward to today. After spending five years teaching in a public school Kindergarten classroom, and two more teaching part-time in a private school, I found myself where I wanted to be: at home full-time with two small children underfoot.

In my head, I still thought I could have the laundry caught up and the dishes always done. The children would always be clean, there would be no unmade beds, we would have regularly scheduled playdates, and dinner would always be on the table by the time Dad walked in the door.

And then….reality slapped me in the face.

It came to me one day as I was trying to complete everything that I had written on my ridiculously long to-do list, that I was NOT June Cleaver, nor would I ever be. She was polished, poised, perfected, and wore her pearls even when she never left the house!

Enter Lucy Ricardo…yes, she was still a homemaker. But she was never without a story to tell about her adventures and mishaps. Now, I could identify with Lucy.

I finally began to embrace a bit of truth that God had wanted me to know all along. Yes, take your duties as a wife and mother to heart. God intended for us to take care of these things, but know who you are…and know your limits. Don’t push yourself to be something you’re not just because that’s how you always thought it should be. Accept the woman you are, the daughter that God created.

This is not a blog to argue that all women should be stay at home moms. (I have many dear friends who are mommies and work full-time careers, and I admire them. I, myself, have worked full-time and part-time as a mommy…it is NOT for the faint-hearted, trust me!) This is not a blog filled with advice or wisdom…trust me, I have little to share.

Rather, this is my journey. My story about discovering who I am as a wife and mommy. There’s still a little part of me that wishes she could be like June Cleaver…but that is not me. Even as I type this, I am wearing my husband’s sweats, there are still unwashed pots on the stove, and a hamper of unfolded laundry next to my refrigerator. I do not have the elegance and grace of Mrs. Cleaver.

No, I will never be June.

But, I can run through life with the clumsiness of Lucy Ricardo. I assure you, if given the oppourtunity, I could lock myself into a walk-in freezer like she did. Lucy’s life was much more, shall we say, colorful than June’s. Accidents and mishaps were a daily occurence with Lucy…much like they are with me.

Hence, I am More Lucy Than June.