Add Another One to the “Greatest Hits Collection”

Man. They’re “totes adorbs”, right? Cute little buncha boogers. (Btw, the hubs took this pic. He’s like, UBER talented.)

This picture was taken today…but let me let you all in on a little secret…

Today was the kind of parenting day that sucked.

But I suppose that you need that kind of day every once in awhile to remind you that, really, most of the other days aren’t always that bad.

Also, it drove me as sort of a therapy for myself to post on my blog after a two month hiatus, so maybe there’s THAT silver lining.

Unless of course I get some rude comment about what a crappy mom I am from some lady in Norway.

No really. That happened once. I posted about how my kids are more “snack eaters”, and somehow this lady found my blog and wrote me a nice little note about how if I were a better mother and would actually sit down to eat with my children, then they would become better eaters themselves.

Thanks, Mrs. Norway…but as Kelly Clarkson once said, “You don’t know a thing about me!”

Total aside: Am I the only mom who wants to start singing that out to the judgmental busybodies when one of my kids has some sort of freak meltdown in public? Ugh…I feel like I need to pop that song up on my Spotify now just to get out my angst for the day.

But back to the case at hand…crappy parenting day. Or maybe just crappy kid day. Yeah…that sounds better to me at the moment.

I know that during this “month of thankfulness”, I should be posting about what blessings I have in my children, how they brighten up my life, and how they are my heart and soul…and how I’m “feeling blessed” and that the angels are smiling down on me and singing the Hallelujah chorus.

But today wasn’t that kind of day, y’all.

Today was the, “For flippin’ real. This day needs to be OVER. Bedtime should be at 5:00, and I need to shut myself in my closet with lots of chocolate and have a good cry” kind of day.

I have three amazing kids. Really, these kids ARE amazing…they are smart and talented…and people, the wit that flows through this house is beyond compare. (I know, they’re mine. I’m SUPPOSED to brag on them. But…take to heart that I am also griping about them in the same blog post.)

And so with all that wit and talent and energy and um, fiery passion for, Oh. My. Word., EVERYTHING…yes, with all that comes some of the most amazing meltdowns I have ever seen.

And Lord help me, I can have a meltdown just as good as they can when they’ve gotten all jacked up about something.

We have referred to some of their more, oh…how can I put this, “lively” moments as their “Greatest Hits”. Oh yes…Stephen and I remember them all well.

“Remember ‘The Sleepover Incident Where She Swung From a Tree In Our Friend’s Yard Screaming Like A Maniac'”?

“Or the classic ‘I’m Having a Night Terror in A Hotel Room and Hotel Management is Now Knocking On Our Door Asking What Is Going On.'”

“And the all-time hit, “I Just Lost It At Walmart Cause I Have to Leave the Power Wheels and Also, I’m Gonna Lose My Lovey While I Throw This Fit. Oh and P.S. Mom’s Outta Town…So Dad, This Crap Is All On You Tonight.'”

Yes, yes. We have had some mighty good ones. And today, we added one more hit to the collection. I won’t tell you whose “volume” this goes on…but I will say, it lasted THE. WHOLE. ENTIRE. DAY.

So…I’m toast. I’m done.

They went to sleep…and I left the dishes in the sink. The laundry is still in the washer downstairs…and I ain’t ¬†gettin’ up to switch it. There are 542 beads scattered all over the ottoman, crushed Townhouse crackers in the carpet, and I’m in bed and pretty much resigned to the idea that I’m not getting out of it to brush my teeth. Or maybe ever.

So here’s the wrap-up. Here’s the “take-away” from this story…

Fo reals…I LOVE my kids. That crazy Duggar family got nothing on us when it comes to really loving their kids (only, we won’t be having 19 of them…or accompanying them on every date until they get married…) My kids are GOOD kids. They all have a very strong sense of what is morally right and wrong, and they are kind and caring people. And they are hard-wired for FUN and LOUD and EPIC.¬†

But when you get FUN and LOUD and EPIC…you also get massive tantrums that are LOUD and EPIC. (I’m hoping one day we can look back on them and laugh and call it “fun”. I’m doubting it at the moment…because, like I said, today bit the big one.)

Oh heavens, I’m praying tomorrow is better than today. But if it’s not, and maybe even if it is, be prepared for me to tell the story of how my precious little four year old begged me to put a puzzle together, and for the life of me, I DID NOT WANT TO. It’s a tale filled with a battle of wills (mostly mine), a crappy puzzle that wouldn’t stay together, and a desperate need for a nap…for me. The four year old seemed to be fine.

I know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for it.

Until then friends…if you don’t hear from me in the next 24 hours, it’s only because I’m hiding in my closet