And the Snakey Winner is…

I told y’all that if you wrote me a story using my guidelines, I’d make you a Snakey and send it to you.

Well, ONE person took me at my word.

I had a few promises from other people, but no one else followed through. Not mentioning names (Carrie).

My friend Terri, who also incidentally invented the “tell me a story” game, wrote THE BEST STORY EVER.

Well, the best  story ever using the four words and one phrase that I listed.

Click HERE… and laugh till you wet your pants.

I read it three times. I literally laughed out loud every time.

Then again, we also have inside jokes involving the phrase “meet me by the bananas” and the word “papaya”.

What am I talking about? Well, go read her story.

To prove I did make her a Snakey of her own, I would like to present…


Again, this was her idea. You all should totally be jealous that she’s my friend. Unless you’re her friend too. And then, you would understand why she gave me this idea.

Only, she suggested a felt airplane and a little felt Samuel Jackson.

Which would’ve been super cute. But I’m not that good at felt crafting.

So, instead there’s a printout of him hijacking my five year old’s toy airplane. That’s missing a wing. But I took a picture of its good side.

Oh…and I’m sending Terri the little Samuel Jackson you see here, too.

I would throw him away, but Sam scares me a little and I’m afraid I’d have nightmares of him climbing out of my garbage and sucker punching me.

Because I have weird dreams like that.


  1. Terri says

    I love my Snakey! Thanks for making it…and Thanks for making Snakeys on a Plane (it makes me happy)…but Most Thanks for being such a wonderful friend! Love ya!