Five Honest (and boringly benign) Things About Me

Each one of these honest statements about myself could use a blog post of its own, but in the interest of just posting SOMETHING today, I’ve decided to just list them.

Maybe, just maybe, someone out there can yell a rousing, “ME TOO!”



1. I struggle with my weight. –Like, struggle more than Oprah in the 90’s kind of struggle. I lost 20 pounds awhile ago. Then, I gained 30 back. AWE.SOME. As in, NOT awesome. So, I need to lose 30 pounds, mostly because I currently have no clothes that fit.


2. I’ve racked up exorbitant library late fees. And I own more Redbox movies than I care to admit to.


3. I kill plants. –Not because I WANT to but because, even though my grandmother could grow flower gardens that would make an issue of Southern Living jealous, I did not inherit the green thumb. I have kept my peace lily alive that a dear friend gave me (ironically, at my grandmother’s funeral)…but only after much guidance and my husband remembering to water it.

Oh, and I actually killed a cactus once. I thought that was near impossible. Like killing a vampire kind of near impossible.


4. I go to bed with dishes in the sink. And toys on the floor, crayons under the table, and laundry still in the washing machine. –I know. I’m such a rebel, right? I never really had a “wild streak” in high school or college, so this is how I “sow my wild oats”, so to speak, in my late 30s.


5. My “garage refrigerator” contains a pot of chicken tortilla soup that is…really old. And it’s only because I’m too lazy to remember it’s there to clean it out. –What makes this even more awesome is the fact that it was moved from the kitchen fridge to the garage fridge because I ran out of room in the kitchen fridge one day, and I was in too big of a hurry to dump out the contents (I won’t even call it soup anymore).


So, there it is. “Shocking truths”. Can we still be friends?



  1. Terri says

    Remember the potroast that stayed in our fridge like a year. Another time there was a watermelon that totally shriveled up and the cat would growl at it.

  2. says

    1. I don’t struggle with my weight. WE’ve settled in nicely at a weight I would like to never see again. UGH. At least I think I understand my plateau? I’m deeming April a new month. 30 days, Jillian’s 30 day shred. I predict I’ll last anywhere from 3-4.5 days on this plan.

    2. My favorite excuse for Redbox is “I got the first night free, so having to pay for the 2nd night is like the legitimate rental of the movie, right?” And this is how I justify using all the “free” codes you can find on the interweb.

    3. Ironically I can keep plants alive, but I don’t like houseplants. I married a houseplant hoarder. Um, can I send you some plants to “love to death.” Please read that literally, because that’s what I intend.

    4. I’ve done the dishes two nights in a row. We’re eating at someone’s house tonight, so there’s a better than 97.625% chance the dishes in the sink at this moment will still be there with some friends tomorrow. Oh, and last night I folded enough underwear and t-shirts from the dryer for my husband to make it to Saturday. Wife of the year right there!

    5. We don’t have a garage refrigerator, though I wished for one the other day so I could move the fondue cheese from Valentine’s day to it. Yep, told the Mr. I wasn’t opening that container. But at my grandparents, the garage refrigerator was notorious for housing containers no one wanted to clean out.

    So, what I’m basically saying in this blog-post-length-reply, is I’m pretty sure we must be 3rd cousins or something, 4 times removed maybe?