Happy Birthday, McKenna!

My baby girl turned eight yesterday.


She is kind. And smart. And witty. And charming. And talented. And vibrant and loving and fun.

(I may be a little biased. :) )

We took her for pizza last night and brought in a cake. (Yes. I was “that” lady with the fire-starter and candles packed in her purse. Don’t mess with this mama.)

Friday night she is having a sleep-over with her friends from school. We’ll have pizza and cake and doughnuts and popcorn. And movies and sleeping bags and air mattresses and paint our nails.

No, I have no idea what I’m getting into. But I plan on asking my friend Shari who just hosted an eight year old birthday party last month…I think she’s still recovering.


The link below takes you to a birthday post from three years ago. It’s worth the click, I swear. It has newborn baby pics. Who doesn’t love some newborn baby pics?






  1. Julie Cooper says

    Just wanted to say that we did a similar birthday celebration for Katie. She just wanted one friend to spend the night this time, which was kind of nice for me, I must admit. We did pizza and cake and movies and popcorn. She had a lovely day. Sure hope that sweet Mckenna bug had a wonderful birthday, as well! :)