I Really Don’t Care What’s In My Pumpkin Spice Latte


A delicious treat…or a instrument of destruction?

If you’re on social media of any kind, you’ve probably seen the links to the (and now, I’m paraphrasing…) “Starbucks is Killing You All With Pumpkin Spice Lattes” article.

Can we all just stop with the whole “everything you eat and drink and breathe and touch and look at” is going to give you irreversible brain damage/cause cancer/open up a hole in the space-time continuum and suck us all into another dimension?

I say this tongue in cheek, because I’m all for healthy eating. I throw some fruit into my kids’ lunch boxes every day…right next to their Lunchable.

And I don’t mean to be insensitive to people who really do have food allergies or sensitivities. Cause those are FOR REAL, and I have friends and family who personally deal with them and have to monitor every thing that they or their child eat. I don’t knock that AT ALL, and I am more than happy to keep those foods out of my kid’s lunch boxes so that another mom can send their child to school with just a little more ease.

So, hear me when I say, this is not the argument against the people who have to say “I can’t eat this because it makes me sick”.

This is about the 5 bajillion articles that pop up telling me that my coffee is full of pesticides or that my eggs that come from the grocery store and not from a free range chicken farm are really trucked in by cover of darkness from the government that’s corroborating with ANOTHER government and they’re not really eggs at all but rather an “egg-like substance” which will be used to gain mind control over unsuspecting American citizens so that the entire infrastructure of the global economy will collapse and we will all be forced into our own version of the Hunger Games by the end of 2020.

(And yes, I just posted a blog about real watermelon along with a remark about the “government grown” watermelon…so no one take me for a hypocrite. That was just a little bit of sarcasm… It’s probably one of my spiritual gifts. I can’t say for sure…)

I have no doubt in my mind that fresh eggs grown from chickens of someone I know are fresher than the ones at the store. No doubt.

And I don’t doubt at all that if I had a local butcher who I watched slaughter the animals right in front of me as he called them, by name, in from a field where they munched on grass and oats at their leisure and could poop wherever they wanted would be a better cut of meat.

And I will concede to you that if I could travel out to Jamaica and pick and dry roast my own coffee beans, that they would be that much more delicious than the Green Mountain Coffee Company’s little pods that now occupy my Keurig. No doubt at all.

And I don’t have a problem at all if you feel like you have a moral obligation or a spiritual conviction to not eat certain types of foods from certain places that are grown in certain ways. No problem at all. I can respect that…and I will even relent to eating at whatever restaurant suits your needs when we are out to eat together so as not to upset you or your conscience.

Because seriously, a bad case of anxiety while you’re eating will give you indigestion. So I will be happy to accommodate whatever dining needs you have.

But for the love, please do not post and re-post insane amounts of articles about the carcinogenic attributes of all the foods that I love.

We can look at this one of two ways…everything you eat, at some point, will lead to your death…OR everything in moderation.

Me personally? I subscribe to the latter.

I really don’t mean to offend…truly. But when the “news feed” on social media is constantly being blown up with articles about mandarin oranges that were packed in China with measurable amounts of paint thinner mixed in, then I want to throw my computer across the room.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen an article that I can tell just from the title is a bunch of bull.

Dear authors of “conspiracy” websites, First rule of thumb: Perhaps using spell check would help me at least read past the FIRST LINE of your article, and CONSIDER investigating your claims. A proofreader, an editor, a dictionary…anything!

Please, please, please….just research the information before you share it. It seriously doesn’t take that long.

Have I posted erroneous things before? Oh sure. Have I been convinced of something that later turned out to be a hoax? You betcha.

And maybe it’s that fact alone, the fact that I KNOW there are folks out there just waiting to dupe the American public, that makes me take a little more time before I become so quick to hit the “share” button.

Oh…and one last thing…I beseech you dear sisters and brethren, if someone offers you a home-baked goodie…let’s say a cookie, a brownie, a slice of apple pie…PLEASE…HAVE MERCY…do not ask them if the butter they used was churned in their own kitchen because if it’s not, you can’t eat that piece of baked deliciousness because you only eat pure and fresh, squeezed from the goat/coconut/almond this morning “dairy” products.

Because, for some people, baking is our love language.

And when you turn down our cookie, you’re just squashing our soul.


BTW…the photo above is a picture taken from the Starbucks website…just in case some Starbucks lawyer reads this and I need to give photo credit…and also, you can go HERE to see the nutritional info on a PSL. 

And one last thing, are we really surprised that the Pumpkin Spice Latte actually does not contain pumpkin? Why is this shocking? Pumpkin basically has no flavor anyway…and that’s why it’s called a Pumpkin SPICE Latte. 


  1. Allison says

    You crack me up about the whole “foods that bad for you” thing. I absolutely hate when someone tells me what is in a hot dog or how the cows I eat meat from consume non-meat chicken parts or something! Please just let me live and eat what I feel is okay. If I want a can of Vienna Sausages, just let me have them. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely buy the all chicken or all beef varieties instead of the original. But if I have eaten them for 35 years, and my parents and grandparents have eaten them for way longer than that, I would say we are safe eating them still. Done.

    ☺ Allison

  2. Sharon Peppers says

    Every day is closer to death than the yesterday. Let us use every moment the way we want with love for others and eating what each of us decide. Good points you made.