It’s a Keeper!

I love my husband.

I love our relationship.

I love that I can text him and tell him that there’s a piece of furniture on the side of the road that we might want.

Um, yeah.

So this practice is new to me. In Charleston, when people are done with something, they just put it out on the side of the road.

“The Junk Man” comes around to pick it up. Or, most typically, someone just wanders by, spots it, and decides that they need it.

This place is a “Hoarders” paradise.

Now, I’d like to say, that you feel kind of like you’ve arrived when you see someone “picking” your trash. I actually got a little smug once when I peeked out my dining room curtains and watched neighbors grab old broken shelves from next to my mailbox.

Honestly people.

And once, when our neighbors across the street were moving, we saw a kiddie table that Stephen told me to go look at. I was mortified to get out of the van and start staring at their…literally, junk.

The table didn’t look too bad. I was actually thinking that I could clean it up and paint it (Ha! I NEVER paint anything that I say I’m going to paint!). But as I got closer, I noticed some stickers on the top. Strawberry Shortcake stickers. It looked awfully familiar.

I was about to “pick” a kiddie table from my neighbor’s pile that they had originally “picked” from me when we moved in!


So, it should really come as no shock to you that the following is a text conversation that my husband and I had a few days ago.

Yeah. That’s right.

I love my husband.

Also, he DID bring home a bubble gum machine from someone’s trash once. I made him leave it in Georgia when we moved here, because all it ever did was sit in the garage. I have to admit, it was a cool find. But honestly, who needs a bubble gum machine. I question where the original owner got it from. And I’m guessing his wife made him throw it out, too.

Stephen confessed that he misses that bubble gum machine.

I love him.

He also had a sign that came from a white elephant party that said “No Dumping”. That got left behind too. (Sorry Jill and Russ.:))

It’s not that Stephen and I don’t appreciate nice and new things. We do. Oh, we really do.

But we also appreciate a thrifty find.

Good gravy. Take me to the thrift store and I WILL come home with something. Something that I probably don’t need, so I’m not exactly sure how “thrifty” that is but whatever.

As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

For the record, the BEST white elephant gifts usually come from the thrift store. I tried to get my friend Terri to buy a picture frame with an old pic of some little twins from the ’90s. They looked terrified, and it was freaking awesome. She regrets not making this purchase.

But back to my couch on the side of the road…

He texts me, two minutes later, and says, “IT’S A KEEPER!!”

I laughed out loud. I totally LOLed. I almost never LOL at a text.

Before I know it, he sends me this picture.

Now, you should know that we are the type of people who will not only pick up a used couch off the side of the street, but that we will trade website work for vehicles. That’s where we got that car from. (Thanks Nick and Meredith!)

I believe that we should bring back the whole “bartering for goods” system.

One last thing you should know is that Stephen and I totally drive beater cars, because THEY’RE PAID FOR. We are huge Dave Ramsey fans. And if you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is, then you should google him. He sells himself and doesn’t need my advertisement.

BUT…that said…we can totally still be friends if you own a credit card.

SO after Stephen sends me the pic of the couch on the car, WHICH he got up there BY HIMSELF (yeah. dat’s right.), we have this text exchange.

And later that night, we laid in bed laughing our heads off about this whole mess.

Who are we? How did we find each other? What are we gonna DO with that couch?

We laughed so hard that we woke up McKenna who came into our room and said, with squinty eyes and her stuffed cat in her hands,

“Are you guys TRYING to keep me awake?!”

Which only made us laugh more.

Which made her mad.

But that’s a story for another day.

So…the couch is sitting in the garage at the moment because it has not yet been steam cleaned. Stephen wants to put it under a black light…me personally? I’d rather NOT know, and yes, I am aware that it could contain bedbugs or something equally disgusting. But, like I said, I have a really good steam cleaner that’s going to get some use.

Oh…good gravy.

I never imagined that this would be the kind of thing that I would come to treasure about our marriage. That we’d become total “pickers” who don’t mind looking like a fool for a free couch. (I mean, honestly, I could clean it up and sell that thing for some dollars…”flipping” a couch, right?)

So, for your next date night, I suggest rummaging through someone’s hand-offs and then come up with some ridiculous way to transport it home and then laugh about it till you wake up your oldest child.


I love my life.




  1. Melissa says

    So Justin and I have a standing joke – “I can probably fix that” Our neighborhood was much like that – we just put our old stuff on the side of the road and someone always got it before the trash man would! When we would go on walks we would always look at other people’s junk and Justin would inspect it and say, “I can probably fix that.” Collected several tools and other misc. items – some were fixed and some were not :) Never scored anything of real value and most of it I was a little afraid of :)

  2. says

    If you watched The Big Bang Theory you would have seen the episode where Penny picked up a great chair off the curb…and then how it wasn’t so great. But I’ll just let you watch the series and find out for yourself about that lovely red chair. :-)