Vintage Betty Crocker

These are my “new” Betty Crocker cookbooks, circa @1960ish.

What a great find! I love vintage home-making “stuff”. Right now, they are sitting atop my baker’s rack, but I am hoping to find some nicer way to display them. I just love how they look.

There’s a picture of a lady in the front cover. Is that Betty herself? Curiosity got the better of me, so I googled “who was Betty Crocker”.

Turns out she’s not even a real person.

Who was Betty? click here

Which suits me just fine. I don’t want to know the real face behind the dish pictured below, known simply as Bologna Biscuit Bake.

I’m curious to know if the average 1960’s housewife really served this at dinner parties. I’d venture to bet that if she did, she didn’t have too many dinner guests after that.

There were other oddities that I found in the Dinner in a Dish book. The cake mix one was not too bad, actually. I might actually use some of the recipes I found.

I will not, however, be making anything involving a tuna mold anytime soon. Apparently tuna was a popular staple in the ’60’s. 

Don’t get me wrong. I like a good tuna sandwich every now and then, but combine it with anything gelatinous and I’ve got a serious problem.

Anyway, I’ve decided my new hobby is collecting vintage cookbooks. Not only do they look cool, but they make for a good laugh if you get bored.


What We Do All Day (Or What We SHOULD Do…)

Here it is. I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for it.

All two of you who read this blog, anyway. :)

(Thank you Aimee and Stacey for indulging me.)

I’ve worked, re-worked, thrown it away and reworked it some more. But here it is. Our daily schedule.

Before you start thinking that I’m some hyper-organized mommy, please, I beg you…reconsider. This is far from the truth. But, being  a former Kindergarten teacher, I do know that young children thrive on routine. Take it away, and they go nuts! Trust me on this one.

I remember one particular time that we had a special event that caused our daily schedule to rearrange somewhat. Lunch was before recess instead of the usual after. It totally messed with their little 5 year old heads! It was 11:30, and I watched one of my little angels start packing up their bookbag and clearing out their cubby. 

“What are you doing, Timmy?”

“It’s time to go home now, Mrs. Parris. We just had recess.”


Anyway, here’s a look into what we do all day.  Granted, throw in an errand, special event, doctor appointment, unforeseen illness, etc., and this all goes out the window. 

My key word in life: flexibility.


The Travel Channel’s Got Nothing On Us

I love traveling with my husband Stephen.

We had a blast on our camping trip with the girls. Not exactly “relaxing” with a 3 year old and a 9 month old, but fun all the same. I’ll post more on that later.

But I had to mention that I LOVE taking trips with Stephen. We love to stop at antique stores, used book stores (okay, that’s really more for me), and local restaurants to sample the cuisine. (Food Network, if you’re out there, really…you could hire us. We’re pretty good.)

We took the girls on “wild animal safari”….yeah, it was mostly cows, bulls, deer, and one very ill-mannered buffalo, but hey, they had fun. I loved watching him toss out unknown food substances to the smelly, slobbery creatures. 

He’s a camping master. He was a boy scout, and I would venture to say that 90% of his vacations growing up were of the “woodsy” variety. He can set up a tent faster than anyone I know, and he takes his camping gear very seriously. :)

He loves the camera, too. And can take some pretty excellent pictures. Soon, I’ll post some. 

He was the one who found my used book store in Pine Mountain, Georgia. And found an excellent cookbook from 1971 featuring recipes from some of Atlanta’s once lauded restaurants. I think what sold him on it was the recipe for fried pies from The Varsity. Granted, one of the ingredients is Miracle Pastry base or something like that, so I have no idea how we’ll be preparing that delicacy.

I also scored some 1960’s Betty Crocker cookbooks. Way vintage and way cool. Although I’m not too sure about the recipe that calls for 2 pounds of disjointed oxtails. Yummy.

At any rate, I love exploring new places with my best friend. He has an eye for the creative, the unusual, the unseen, and I love every minute of our adventures together. 

When’s our next trip, Stevi? :)

Possibly one of the worst pic of me ever, but hey! we were camping!

Meat Sticks

That’s what the jar says. Well, I think it might say “turkey sticks” and “chicken sticks” or something like that.

These nasty creations are made by the good people at Gerber and are sold in the babyfood section alongside your various other tasteless finger foods. They come in a babyfood jar and look very much like vienna sausages.

Feel free to go barf now.

I bought them for my oldest when she was Caia’s age (8 months), not because they looked particularly appetizing but because the label touts them as being “a good source of protein”.

Kenni, being a former refluxer herself (although not to the degree that Caia has suffered), has a very sensitive gag reflex. If she does not like a food, she will vomit it right back up at you within seconds of putting it in her mouth. Yum.

When I gave her those gross oddities known as meat sticks, they were immediately regurgitated.

Just as well with me. I didn’t want to buy them again anyway….their smell is quite reminiscent of canned dog food.

But Caia….my dear, sweet Caia…LOVES them.

As disgusting as I think they are, I’ll keep buying them. Her severe reflux has long kept her from really enjoying food. She had the DESIRE to eat, but her little body wouldn’t let her. It would either cause her great pain OR she would immediately retch it all back up again (along with things I swore she ate days earlier…).

But now, with prayer, patience, and meat sticks, my little GERD baby eats like a champ!

(GERD= gastroesophageal reflux disease=torture for all parties involved)

Now, I said for the longest time, I’d drench everything in chocolate syrup if it would get her to eat. Thankfully, we’ve not had to do that. But we do endure the aroma of meat sticks at lunch and dinner now.

It’s a small price to pay for a happy eater, I guess.

She does eat a few other things: banana, scrambled egg yolk, pear, cheerios, fruit puffs, breads, green beans, peas, and cheese. We’re branching out slowly…

She doesn’t even eat the jarred babyfoods anymore. Can’t say I blame her for that one.

To the folks at Gerber, thank you for “a good source of protein” packaged as nastiness in a stick.

Mmmmm….good eats.

Yay Kroger…Grrrr Kroger! Yay CVS…Grrrr CVS!

Well, in my search for bargains this week, I came out pretty good. Although I missed some things that I really wanted.

My first stop was CVS on Monday. My three year old thinks this is my favorite store. And…she’s right. Well, next to Old Navy, and Barnes and Noble, and Target, and….

There was a great deal going on the Softsoap Spa. Purchase it for $4.99 and get $4.99 ExtraCare Bucks back. The catch is…it’s limit 5.

You’re probably thinking, “Limit 5?! Is that not enough?!”

Oh, it’s plenty. The problem is…everyone else thinks so, too. You see, the stores will only stock so much of these special items. And there’s that underground society I mentioned earlier that swarm the CVS stores first thing Sunday morning to get that week’s deals.

I try and stop at CVS after church on my way home, but those “limit 5″ ExtraCare Bucks deals are pretty much gone by then.

I called three different stores today. None of them had any of my Softsoaps left.


BUT, I did manage to purchase 6 deodorants on Monday for $1.76 (that’s TOTAL), and get $9.00 back in ExtraCare Bucks. So, I still felt pretty happy with my CVS deals this week.

On to Kroger.

They are having a fabulous sale this week!  Buy a certain amount of an advertised product and get $5.00 off your order. 

I ended up with 10 bags of Goldfish crackers for $5.00. That’s $.50 each. Not too shabby. Combine that with the 4 bags I got at Publix last week, and we’ve got enough Goldfish to last until the girls are in high school.

I also ended up with 4 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, 4 cans of crescent rolls, and 2 cans of biscuits for $5.00, or $.50 each. Granted, it’s the smaller cans…but for $.50, I’ll take it! (I was a little bummed cause I had a ton of Pillsbury coupons that I used last week on the bigger cans, but oh well!)

All in all, I came out spending $47 at Kroger and came home with the items I listed above and 2 packs of chicken breast, 2 cornish game hens, 4 cups of yogurt, 2 Gerber graduates for the little tike, a loaf of bread, a pack of English muffins, a bag of bagels, bananas, 1 frozen dinner, 1 bag of Bertolli’s frozen meals (on sale for $4.99 and I had a coupon for $1.25 off), a 4-pack of toilet paper, small can of pears, small can of green beans, a dozen eggs, a bottle of apple juice, 2 half gallons of milk (it was cheaper than buying a gallon jug), a canister of cookies (to keep McKenna occupied while we shopped), and 2-1lb. bags of Cadbury eggs (they were on clearance for 75cents each!)

That’s where the “grrrr” comes in.

How dare they clearance out the Cadbury eggs? I’m trying to lose 15 pounds. 


Granted, that’s not a full week’s worth of groceries, but I have a pretty good stockpile in my pantry of things that I don’t buy unless I can get them for ridiculously cheap.

Next week looks to be a good week for Publix and CVS. I’m way excited.

And I’m a goober. But, as a friend of mine put it, “a thrifty goober”.

I’ve Got The Cleanest Clothes In Town

Am I the only one who does this?

The load in the washer now has been washed FOUR times. (It’s possible that it was five, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself.)

I hate doing laundry. I would almost rather clean my toilets than do laundry. (Notice I said “almost”.)

I let it pile up until we have nothing left to wear, and then in desperation, I’ll wash towels and underwear like a mad woman. 

I don’t sort it either. (gasp!) I throw everything in and turn it on cold. If I’m washing baby stuff or dishtowels, those go in separately only b/c I don’t use fabric softener on them. (I made the mistake of using fabric softener on the dishtowels once, and then I lined a basket of bread with one of the Downy-fresh towels. My husband told me that the bread tasted faintly of April rain…)

And so, I’ll toss in a load, forget about it, and then open the washing machine to the stench of mildew. Gross, I know!

Come on. Someone else out there has to do this.

Before you make fun of me, let me say, that I’m trying to get better about this. That’s why I made a cleaning schedule. It’s part of my rehab.



Random notes for the day:

**Fabric covered dining chairs are not a wise idea once you have children.

**I now know why women with more than one child park near the shopping cart return rather than the front door.

**This weekend, my husband is going to help me learn how to post pictures in my posts, rather than just importing my Facebook albums. 

**I’m taking the babies camping (TENT camping) next week. Yes, I’ll accept your prayers.


Am I On Candid Camera?

Sometimes, I think that maybe there’s a hidden camera following me.

My name, Annette, means “graceful”. What a joke that is.

I could trip and fall on air. And I have…MANY times.

The other night, I was picking up the baby’s Intellitainer. The Intellitainer is a contraption that’s akin to an Exersaucer, but of course…it’s marketed by Fisher Price, has some crazy name and plays a ridiculous amount of annoying little ditties.

As I was lifting the massive beast off the carpet, I had unknowingly stepped on the bottom piece that sits on the carpet. I couldn’t figure out why the darn thing was “stuck” and wouldn’t come up. I mean, it’s not “that” heavy. Finally, my foot dislodged and the full force of that monster came flying up and hit me in the head nearly knocking me on my butt on the floor! 

As I’m telling my husband about it at dinner that night, his reply (after he finished laughing at me, of course) was, “Did you hear a laugh track in the background?”

Seriously, my daily life could be something straight out of an old Dick VanDyke episode.

Once while going to vote last year, I was wearing a pair of high heeled boots. It was raining, and the voting booths were set up in the school’s tiled lunchroom. (And I swear they had just polished those floors.) All of these things are a recipe for certain disaster and embarrassment where I am involved.

As it came my turn to vote, I walked out across the floor, and my ankle twisted. It was one of those five-point, slow motion falls where you know that it’s happening but there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you can do about it. 

The poor old ladies who were signing people in were watching me in horror. 

“Are you okay, honey?”

A nice older gentlemen was offering to help me up. But, I had already scrambled to my feet by the time he got over to me. There was no sense in trying to play this off like it never happened. So, I’m saying a little too loudly (this particular decibel in my voice is what my husband often refers to as my “teacher voice”), “No! No! I’m okay! I’m alright!” This, of course, only attracts more attention to me.

This event has scarred me so much that I don’t even remember who or what I was voting for that day. All I remember is leaving there thinking, “Well, I’ll just have to pick out some more sensible shoes the next time I go vote.”

Almost every night, when my youngest (who am I kidding?…or my oldest) wakes up, I trip over SOMETHING on my way out the door. It might be just air or the dust ruffle on the bed, but rest assured I WILL trip on it, and I WILL land square on one of my knees. While my husband giggles at me.

The other night, I was wearing one of my favorite pair of pajama pants. They are old and have a hole right at ankle level that is the perfect size for ensnaring, oh..let’s say, a big toe. I’ll spare you the details of what happened next, but I will tell you that the beautiful new hardwoods my husband installed are a killer on the shins.

I’ve never broken anything in my “adventures” (broke my arm once when I was in Kindergarten, but that involved a game of leapfrog gone wrong). We joke that God gave me rubber ankles, because there’s really no other excuse for how I’ve escaped any serious injury.

Just tonight as I was putting away something in the laundry room, I cracked my head on the baker’s rack. (Don’t ask why we have a baker’s rack in the laundry room…that’s a story for another day.)

I’ve learned to accept my clumsiness as a part of who I am.

Just another reason that I am “more Lucy than June”, I guess.

Operation Organization

I’m not organized.

I never have been.

And I used to teach Kindergarten. It requires a certain amount of planning and organization to do that. And I would venture to say that after my first couple of years, I was pretty organized in my classroom.

But, really…it’s time to get my house organized.

I have friends who thrive on this kind of thing. I envy them.

I have looked at other blogs of stay at home moms (and there are MANY out there…and many “interesting” ones too), and I have found many women doing these “home management binders”. 

I was skeptical at first. Okay…I’ll be honest. I openly laughed at them.

But, I’m thinking that they may be onto something.

So, I’ve found some good resources, and I’m in the process of working on one. I don’t know that I would call it a home “management” binder or notebook or whatever, but it would be a good place to keep some things together that might help me feel a little more “together” when it comes to my role as a homemaker.

Right now, I’ve written up my daily schedule and weekly cleaning schedule. I’m working on a menu planner for each week, obtaining medical records for my kids (ummm, yeah…I don’t have either one of their birth certificates or vaccination records…), recipes that I want to try, birthdays/anniversaries, and things like that.

I have no idea if this will actually come together the way I have it pictured in my head. 

Nothing like optimism, right?


Oh Horton, Where Art Thou?

Today we went to play with Lily and Aubrey. And Lily had a Horton doll.

Horton, for those who don’t already know, is a big-hearted elephant born from the imagination of the genius that was Dr. Seuss (can you tell I LOVE his work?).

Horton accomplished some amazing humanitarian feats in his lifetime. He endured much hardship while hatching an egg for a lazy bird named Mayzie, but his most notable claim to fame is rescuing the town of Whoville from certain demise and destruction. (Thank you Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell for a job well done!) :)

And now Kohl’s stores are on the Horton bandwagon by carrying the stuffed doll (along with various other Seussian stuffed creatures) for $5.00 as part of their Kohl’s Cares for Kids program.

My three year old, McKenna, carted that Horton around the ENTIRE time we were at Lily’s house. (Lily didn’t seem to mind one bit that the elephant was being monopolized by her young friend.) 
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