The Writers at Higglytown Heroes Have Been Misinformed

Higglytown Heroes is a cartoon on Playhouse Disney that features nesting dolls getting out predicaments by calling on the town’s heroes…you know, doctors, waiters, painters, etc….otherwise known as community helpers.

Today, as they were preparing for Baby Pookie’s first birthday, the gang was troubled by Pookie’s incessant crying after she awoke from her nap. They tried everything…bottles, clean diapers, entertaining her with party hats. All to no avail.

Finally they call on Dr. Ferguson, the hero of the day.

Alas, Baby Pookie is teething.

But, according to Dr. Ferguson, all mommy has to do is rub some salve on her gums and give her a cold teething ring.Baby Pookie instantly stops crying and is smiles and giggles once these remedies are presented.

Seriously? That’s all it takes?

Man. I wish I lived in Higglytown.