Why I Don’t Have a “Schedule”

I have discovered that no matter how many times I try to come up with some daily chore list or cleaning schedule, it never works out.

Like, things just have to fall into place naturally, and then I say, “Whoa. Look at this new routine I have going. I’m pretty awesome.”

And then of course something will inevitably happen that will turn that routine into a mockery.

I don’t even know if mockery is the word I’m looking for right now. Probably not.

Oh…and also, I have discovered (and then I keep re-discovering it because somehow, I seem to forget this every so often) that while the kids are still so young, my routines change more than they stay the same. We have “phases”. Like the moon. You know, waxing and waning and gibbous and all that nonsense.

Only it’s more like, “he’s in preschool”, “he’s NOT in preschool”, “it’s summer”, “it’s not summer”, “he’s sick”, “she’s sick”, “they’re sick”, “I’m sick”.

Nothing is constant around here.

More often than not…it goes something like this…

Wake up. (Kenni wakes up on her own…she has an alarm.)

Wake Caia up. She is a BEAST when it comes to waking up. She OWNS her sleep. Like a boss.

Then I send the next hour rushing them through eating, getting dressed, brushing teeth, finding shoes, and locating last minute items.

I know, I know all you super-prepared, I have a pinterest made checklist that I mark off with a fancy colored pen every night people, I should have everything laid out by the door the night before. But, that only works if everyone isn’t so flipping tired at night time that they remember to put it by the door. Or to tell their kid to put it by the door. (By the way, I only mock you because I want TO BE like you. AND…because I did that for a season…it lasted roughly two days.)

After they are out the door, I get a shower and eat and have my coffee.

Jack is already up before the girls are gone, so he wanders around behind me or sits on the couch eating while watching his “shows”.

Anyway, the basic everyday routine is…dishes, kitchen counters, laundry in, vacuum, make bed, sweep.

Then after all that is done, Jack and I can play or go out. Or I can have fun if it’s a preschool day.

But then there are days when the big kid has a doctor appointment first thing in the morning.

And then there are days where I spent half the night with a feverish four year old in his twin bed (my entire body hurts), and he’s home sick from preschool. Then it’s a rush to get what little I can get done finished before the last dose of Tylenol in his system wears off and he becomes a puddle of whiny, fever-y goo begging for mommy to snuggle with him.

And I do.

I do love snuggling with my boy.

I asked him last night if I could keep him forever. He said yes. Then I asked him if he was gonna grow up and get married someday. He said, “probably not”. When I asked him why he said, “Because I just love you too much.”

Melt. My. Heart.

But I’m no fool. He’ll leave me one day. For someone younger. And I’ll try really hard not be “that” mother in law.

(BTW, I have a great mother in law. And I’m not just saying that because she’ll probably read this.)

So, that’s where we are today. I’m sitting propped up in bed with a sleeping and sick little man.

Sometimes I think that when I come up with “my” daily schedule that I believe would put Martha Stewart to shame, God remind me of that verse that says, “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps”.

Then I think He giggles at me.

I’m so proud when I think I know what I’m doing.




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    What’s a schedule? I could never do one of those check lists. Though I have recently decided that the bed should be made at least semi-properly every day. I don’t always put on the fancy pillows, but if I don’t, I pull everything up like it is supposed to be and do a proper turndown. If we ever throw kids in the mix, I’m sure my husband will be lucky if I don’t just buy him 100 pairs of underwear as who knows when anything will get done.